About us

 I was taught to sew at an early age by my Mum and at the age of 21 received a state of the art sewing machine. That was the very machine that I used to sew clothes for my own children when they were born 10 years later and their names - Jo-Anne and Thomas, became the inspiration for the business name Joa-Toa 
In 1998 the coincidence of being laid off from my job and the many compliments for my kids' fleeces led me to launch Joa-Toa at a craft fair in Carrbridge village hall. I had just 14 fleeces to sell and happily managed to sell out!
Since then I've had quite a few sewing machines and I've also added an overlocker to give a professional finish. My stock now numbers many hundreds of fleeces in sizes from newborn to grown up XL and I travel the length and breadth of the country to shows and fairs to sell them.